Only Cure




Diabetic Foot Ulcers


Pressure Sores

Surgical Wounds

Burn Wounds

Arterial Ulcers

Venous Ulcers

the Situation

at present is that

we have a Wound on a Body

that has Low Immunity

or Strength to Heal it.

We have a Super Bacterial Infection

on the Wound, that is Resistant to


A two pronged attack

Within & Over the Body


A b s o l u t e l y

a No Escape

S i t u a t i o n

With No Solution

for Strengthening the Body Immunity

& without any Effective Antibiotic


the Modern Medical Industry

deflects the issue towards

‘Oxygen’ not reaching the Wound Infection

and go for introduction of Stents

and/or HBOT therapy.

HBOT - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

The Pressurized Imposition of Pure Oxygen

onto a Wound

The Superbugs Do Not Budge.


They try to Vacuum Clean

the Wound Infection


NPWT Machines

NPWT - Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Machine - a fancy name for a

Slow Vacuum Cleaner.

The Superbugs

are too tiny to Mechanically

finish off. it's no dust

the Collagen

Collagen acts like a

‘Scaffolding’ in the

Wound Closure Process.

Infection Control is Prime.

Once the infection gets mitigated,

the Wound Closure process would

naturally initiate & culminate.

There is No need of Artificial

Collagen Application.


to take out the Pus

This would NOT eliminate the

Super Bacterial Infection

Instead it could make

the Punctured Location a

hotbed of infection,

and an additional Non-Healing

Wound Site. The Puncture and

the Chemical Prognosis it entails,

shall eventually make the

Infection more aggressive.


This simply indicates that the

Wound Infection has infected the

Bone underneath. Heavy & Harsh Antibiotic

Injections are recommended in this situation,

knowing fully well that


afflicted only when these

very Antibiotics failed !!

all Stages Wound Gel

Healing Progression in 7 Days

all Stages Wound Gel

Healing Progression in 10 Days

Chronic Wounds

a Worldwide Epidemic

Do Not Under-estimate the Power of a Bacteria.

Do Not Let a Rash Turn into a Huge Crater.

It Happens Way Faster than You May Imagine.

Immediately Call Us !

What To Do ? Click For Quick Steps
& Line of Action.

Wounds Do Not Heal.

Antibiotics Do Not Work.

We are back to

the Pre-Antibiotic Era.

Vaidyaraj Anil Dogra

the SuperBugBuster

the Gram +ve SuperBug - the M.R.S.A.

Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

or the toughest

Gram -ve SuperBugs - the Pseudomonas Aeruginosa or the E.Coli

We Slay them all.

Lock Stock & Barrel.

better yet..
We Slay them with Herbs

No Side-effects.

Why the Modern Medical System
fails You in Wound Healing...?!



do not trust

your anti-biotic

no more !!

The Bacteria Does Not Care

about the Qualifications of your Doctor or the Reputation of your Hospital. It Simply Multiplies & doubles its Population every 20 minutes.

the Bacteria Cares ONLY about -

The Antibiotics &

The Body Immunity


Unfortunately for all of us

The Antibiotics Now a Days - Rarely Work &

The Human Body is


Our Solution

Improves the Body Immunity with Herbs

& applies the Antibiotic that works !!


to enhance the Body Immunity, so as to

Promote Blood flow & Circulation,

along with helping Build Healthy Blood Vessels

Get hold of

Kumariaasava Syrup

A Classical Ayurvedic Syrup, available in all Ayurvedic Medicine Stores in India & around the World. Best brands are Sandu, Zandu, Unjha or Dhoot-Paapeshwar. If you find a local brand that you think is better, get that one. If Kumariaasava is unavailable, get hold of the best available brand of pure Aloe Vera juice. 'Kumari’ is Sanskrit name for Aloe Vera. We prefer Kumariaasava, but Aloe Vera juice shall work just fine as well.

Kumariaasava Syrup is a little sweet in taste due to jaggery or honey, but its formulation is Extremely Beneficial for Diabetics, or anyone’s Overall Body Immunity. So do not have any doubt taking it. It's a Must.

Even when the Wound gets healed, Kumariaasava Syrup is highly recommended to be taken further for at least a couple of years or as long as the person can take it. It shall help, in more ways than one.

Take 2 teaspoonful ( 10 ml ) of Kumariaasava Syrup or Aloe Vera juice mixed with 4 to 8 teaspoonful of water, once or twice a day DAILY, before or after any two meals. Shake the bottle every time before you take the dosage.

STOP oral antibiotics - if an antibiotic course for the Chronic Wound in question is going on, let it complete. But beyond that No More Antibiotics. if antibiotics had worked, situation would not have reached the stage it has. Not repeating Antibiotics would help build the Body Immunity by Not Allowing the Destruction of the Good Bacteria any further, which could catalyze the Super Bacterial Population ( See Pic below)

Stop External Application of Betadine, Silver or Any Chemical Based Application. No Research Based Injections or Oral Chemical Based Medicines for treating Chronic Wounds.

Diet : Almost Daily intake of fresh Hot Green Vegetable Soup, fresh Carrot & Beetroot juice is highly recommended. Little extra Desi Ghee or Indian Clarified Butter should be added in the daily food preparation. For Non-Indians - fresh butter, cheese & cream-cheese should be part of the daily diet. This shall immensely help in Strengthening the Body, specially along with the daily intake of Kumariaasava or Aloe Vera juice

Important : Totally Avoid Adding Any New Chemical Based Medicine to your Daily Regimen, other than what all you have been already taking. Not Even additional vitamins or supplements herbal or non-herbal .

Vaidyaraj Anil Dogra’s hand-made 100 % Herbal all Stages Wound Gel

The Ultimate & the ONLY Solution IN THE WORLD

for Non-Healing Wound .

If you can Kill a SuperBug you can Kill them All. Our Wound Gel is a Natural Herbal Solution to Antibiotic Resistance. Unlike a Chemical Based Antibiotic, the Herbal Antibiotic Does Not contain ‘a Single Active Ingredient’, which is easily decipherable by the ‘super intelligent’ Bacteria !! A Herbal Extract has a Natural Universe of its Own, with a Complex Set of Elements in a Naturally Complex Matrix - it is Impossible for a Bacteria to Comprehend it - Ever !!

How to Apply all Stage Wound Gel

Clean the Wound lightly using Saline Water or Hydrogen Peroxide Solution and Apply Gel all over the Wound & around it. Do Not Cover the Wound, unless it's Required. - even then let it remain Open for at least 30 minutes & then you may place a Gauze and a large Cotton Ball over it, and simply tape it. This is just to prevent abrasion to the Wound, upon movement etc. Do Not Rub in the Gel. Spread it and let it remain put on & around the Wound.
Click For Quick Steps & Line of Action.

Please Check the Body Regularly for a New Rash / Stage 1 Wound & apply ONLY Gel on it, twice a day.

Our Gel is made with a Herbal Extract of the fruits, bark & leaves of Banyan Tree, Gall Nuts & a spice called Sheetal Chini. The process is a family secret. Its Handmade by Vaidyaraj Anil. Its Pure Herbal with No Preservative, Color or fragrance added. Inspite of No Preservative the Gel has No Expiry. It Can Never Go Bad. It's because No Microbe in the environment can Ever Kill it, even if it's kept open. It shall dry up, but Never go Bad - Ever.

This Anti-Microbial Strength is what Distinguishes Us.


Have Patience

Infection Control

historically happens within

a Week or two.

The Bacteria doubles its population every 20 minutes. The Infection Control is Primary & a Must. Historically speaking, our treatment protocol shall Control Infection within 2 weeks. The Open Wound shall look Clean or Cleaner. Water & fluid may come out from within the Wound. Its part of the Healing Process. Just let the Gel do what it does. The Infection would stall and would not grow further. Slowly the Wound Shall Completely Heal & Close up.

Vaidyaraj Anil & Minu Dogra

+91 9810260704

[email protected]


amputation &


Vaidyaraj Anil's Handmade

all Stages Wound Gel

made with an extract

of uniquely processed

( a family secret )

fruits & bark of Banyan Tree,

Gall-Nuts & Sheetal Chini

100 % Effective

Home Based

No Hospital Admission

No Nursing Staff Required

Self Application

Video Testimonials*

Mr. Govind, Chennai, India

Mrs. Santosh ji, Delhi

Mr. Gary Lierley, USA

World’s Greatest Medicines

were Created Not

by Big Money or Big Pharma

but by the Compassion & Passion

of an Individual

In India it costs

US$ 2000 to US$ 8000

& In USA up to US$ 100,000

to treat a Chronic

Non-Healing Wound

with just 10 % Success Rate

in Preventing Amputation

and/or fatality.

Our Instructions
followed along with Our Wound Gel the Success Rate is 100 % before the Sepsis sets in.

Sepsis is when an Unchallenged Wound Infection becomes Body Systemic leading to Organ Failure and Death. Symptoms of Sepsis :


& Why
Your Liver is
The Master-Key

explained :

Why Antibiotics Do Not Work ?

Antibiotic Resistance

The age of the Superbugs !

Biofilm Matrix

Quorum Sensing

A Bacteria has a UNIQUE & Miraculous Ability to transfer its DNA & its Lifetime of Learning to another Bacteria.. just by a mere touch or Contact !! Your Doctor tells you - either, to complete a course of Antibiotics or not to take them at all else - the Bacteria that escapes death, learns to defend itself from this Antibiotic, and transfers this immunity/ learning to other bacteria, by way of a touch - thus making them all - Antibiotic Resistant.

Since the advent of the Antibiotic Era, with the Discovery of the world's first Antibiotic in the 1930s by Alexander Fleming - five generations of Antibiotics have been discovered, launched and become ineffective due to the Spread of the Antibiotic Resistance. No New Antibiotic has been discovered in last 20 years. but The Bacteria never Stopped Working - learning to defend itself & spreading the Antibiotic Resistance.

The age of Superbugs has long begun. A bacteria that becomes resistant to 2 or more generations of Antibiotics is called a Super Bacteria or the Superbug. THESE Superbugs are everywhere and are the Main Reason that WOUNDS DO NOT HEAL. Over & Above These Superbugs join hands with other fungi & bacteria and form a stronger Biofilm Matrix within the Wound.

Through a concept called Quorum Sensing, these Superbugs super-strengthen all Microbes in the Biofilm Matrix - and make the Wound Infection - even more Invincible to any existing Antibiotic(s).

THE Betadines, the Silver Dressings & the Most Powerful Oral or Intravenous Antibiotics DO NOT WORK - Leading to GANGRENE, OSTEOMYELITIS Or Worse SEPSIS or Septicemia

Why & How the Human Body got


What is Immunity ?

Now We Know that there are Superbugs & the Antibiotic Resistance everywhere.


THE ANSWER lies in


Liver is the Master Key.

The Present State of Health of

Liver is the state of your

Body Immunity. Period.

In the last 20 years, since they Stopped discovering Antibiotics, the Big Pharma has been Busy in the Creation & Marketing of a humongously profitable business of ‘Lifestyle Diseases’ like the High BP, Diabetes, Thyroid, Cholesterol, Triglycerides They have been busy performing Invasive Tests & Surgeries helter skelter, thinking they Shall Remain Protected from Infection by the Antibiotics. instead The Liver / Immunity kept taking the Daily hit. The Liver is your Master Key & the Master Protector. It considers All Chemical Medicines as Toxic & fights to eliminate them. All Oral Chemical Medicines are thus designed to weaken the Liver.

This is What No One Knows -

The Daily Chemical Dosages

of medicines for ‘Lifestyle Diseases’,

can enter your Bloodstream,

Only by way of Weakening your Liver

and hence weakening

the Body Immunity.

Since there are withdrawal symptoms associated with these daily medicines for life style diseases, we advise No Additional Chemical medicines or supplements to be added to the daily regimen.


see one and

they a m p u t a t e

That is what they do.

but does it end there ?

what about the infection ?

Amputation Shall Only

Postpone the inevitable

in most cases

a year or a couple


further amputations

and/or fatality

also say

if a Gangrened Big Toe

looks like is 40 % affected

Visually or in MRI , CT Scans etc.

it's extent is

Still unconfirmed

Amputating the Whole Toe

Would be an Overkill.

Not Required

We must have a

a Protocol

that helps demarcate the

Gangrened Debridement

to a Minimal

Required levels.

It is Priceless to

save 70% to 80% of

or any other Tissue

than to

lose it all.